Scottsdale: An internationally renowned city best known for fine resorts, spas, exclusive golf courses, night clubs, fancy restaurants and of course – high end shopping. Yes, we’ve all heard it before; Scottsdale truly is an affluent city. In fact, you will often hear or read of Scottsdale residents being labeled snooty and stuck-up, which is why it has earned itself the nickname ‘Snobsdale’!

In the state of Arizona, Scottsdale is the crown jewel of fashion and culture, a large city that attracts wealthy folks who can spend up to $1 million on a single family home in towns like Paradise Valley.

This special area of the Southwest attracts visitors each year to the tune of millions, and most of them make the journey to Scottsdale to find unique clothing and jewelry to wear.

Scottsdale: A Jewelry Buying & Selling Hub In The Southwest

Because of its history that stretches back all the way to the beginnings of the U.S.A, Scottsdale is known as ‘The West’s Most Western Town’, and that is why you’ll find all kinds of clothing and jewelry from all time periods.

In Scottsdale you can expect to find a surprise waiting for you at every turn. Jewelry and precious stones from Native American cultures? You’ll find it here easily. Are you a fan of vintage jewelry that looks fabulous and is kept in pristine condition? They’re in abundance in Scottsdale. Antique pieces from the early 1900s? You don’t have to look far to find them here.

From old diamonds to new gold rings, Scottsdale has truly become one of the world’s leading hubs for the jewelry buying and selling trade, thanks to its affluent residents and the long history of settlement that exists in this town.

And if you do manage to get some jewelry to add to your collection, you can always bring it to us to trade your old jewelry to make some room and funds for the new pieces that you’re buying.

We are experienced professionals in the jewelry buying and selling trade, and our team of experts have been trained in the art of jewelry appraisal and inspection in the jewelry hubs of the world like Hong Kong, India and Israel.

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