Let’s talk about Gold – the precious metal that has been used in jewelry, artifacts and as currency ever since the dawn of civilization. This yellow, shiny material has always been an attractive sight to behold, and because there is only a limited amount of gold available in the world, it’s value will always remain strong no matter how much time has passed.

This makes gold a great investment for those looking to invest in physical items. Gold coins, gold bars and bullion are just some of the ways you can invest in gold, but for most people, buying gold jewelry is the most common way to own a piece of the precious metal to keep for the years to come.

Selling Gold in Phoenix Has Never Been Better

Phoenix, AZ is a boomtown for Gold and other precious metals like silver. One little known fact about Arizona is the fact that this state is the USA’s largest copper-producing state, and fifth-largest silver producer.

Because of this, major mining companies have made their home in Arizona, and with Phoenix being Arizona’s capital, the city has always had a special interest in the buying and selling of gold and silver trade, ensuring that investors and collectors alike can always buy and sell their gold and silver in Phoenix without worry.

Consequently, over the decades, the jewelry buying and selling trade in Phoenix has blossomed into a full fledged industry, attracting professional gold, silver and diamond appraisers from all over the country to make their trade in the Valley of the sun. At Diamond and Jewelry Buyers, our team of jewelry experts are highly experienced and have trained in some of the world’s leading capitals of jewelry – namely Hong Kong, Israel and India.

Wherever you find to sell your gold in Phoenix, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you will be getting some of the best prices you can ever find in the U.S.A.

Don’t need your Jewelry anymore? Sell it to Diamond and Jewelry Buyers!

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