When you’re selling your jewelry to a jewelry buyer, you’re going to want to find the best person for the job in order to get the most value out of the jewelry you’re selling. This will ensure that you only get professional service and the best quotes based on experience rather than just quick profits.

For first time sellers who have never sold their jewelry before, it may be a challenge to find a jewelry buyer who can give them the best quotes, especially if there are numerous places in their local area. Chances are, they might have to shop around for the best prices, and this takes time and effort on their part to compare the best quotes.

Here’s what to look for in a Jewelry Buyer if you’re planning to sell your jewelry.

What to look for in a jewelry buyer

One thing that has to be said is that a pawn shop is not a jewelry buyer. They rarely offer you high prices outright, and because of that, it is best to avoid a pawn shop for selling your jewelry if you want a high price.

Before making your way down to your local jewelry buyers, ensure that you’ve done all the research you can possibly do on the places you’ve shortlisted – are they reputable based on Google reviews? Do they have any bad press on the local news? These are the things you need to consider as your due diligence before you take the trip and get your quotes.

Another thing to look for in a jewelry buyer is whether or not they have accreditations that ensure that they are qualified to give appraisals. Most serious jewelry buyers go for training in the industry, and receive accreditations to let clients know that they are working with the real deal. At Diamond And Jewelry Buyers, our team of experts are trained both in the USA and internationally – in jewelry centres of the world like Hong Kong, India and Israel, for your complete peace of mind.

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