Have you ever wondered what goes into making your Rolex watch? Whether you own one of the current state of the art models like the Explorer, or a vintage Submariner from the 50s, the amount of intricate craftsmanship that goes into making your luxury timepiece the way it is can surprise you.

Here’s how a Rolex is manufactured from start to finish.

The Manufacturing Process

First, any Rolex Watch that is sold goes through an internal R&D process, done in-house and staffed by professional scientists and engineers who look to research the best and most effective manufacturing techniques to produce watch prototypes that are also drawn out in-house. This step includes rigorous testing under all conditions – ensuring that any watch that comes out of the labs has maximum durability and strength.

Next, the parts are assembled to produce the watches. Rolex has used 904L stainless steel since 2003, which is rust and corrosion resistant, and is harder than other steels, yet can hold polish extremely well. Their in-house gemological department ensures that the precious stones in every Rolex watch is bought, tested, authenticated, arranged and set properly. They also have an in-house foundry that makes all of their gold – 18k yellow, white or the proprietary Everose Gold.

All Rolex watches are hand-assembled, however, in recent years, Rolex has introduced robotics and technology into their manufacturing process, that help to move around parts on the manufacturing floor and carry out repetitive tasks that support their in-house craftsmen.

In all, the entire manufacturing process for a single Rolex Watch can take up to a whole year – which sounds quite unbelievable, but it is true!

So that’s basically how your Rolex watch is manufactured. The amount of work and man hours put into making these luxury timepieces are what makes them so valuable, and what makes people pay top dollar to own one of these.

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