Are you selling your diamond? If so, you’re not alone. Many people choose to sell their jewelry at some point in their lives for one reason or another, and it only makes sense to sell off an asset that you have in order to fund more urgent matters in your life.

However, in today’s day and age where ‘bigger is better’, people tend to equate size with value. This is true to an extent when it comes to houses, meals and cars, but what about for diamonds? It’s a common question that’s always asked, and one that we will take a look at in the article below.

Does my diamond size matter when selling it?

First, Let’s look at the way diamonds are priced:

• Color

This refers to the hue that the diamond possesses. Only the most expensive diamonds are completely colorless, and the more color there is in the diamond, the less valuable it becomes. These are graded in a scale from D to Z.

• Clarity

Clarity is how clear the diamond is, and how many imperfections exist on the surface and inside the diamond. More imperfections reduce the clarity grade and lowers its value.

• Carat

This refers to the weight of your diamond and is a standard unit of measurement for all gemstones.

• Cut

Cut refers to the way it reflects light, and how bright and sparkly it is in the light.

So, back to the question – Does size matter? Yes – to a certain extent. If your diamond is big, but has many imperfections that pertain to the abovementioned 4 points, then you’re probably not going to get as much as a much smaller diamond with significantly less flaws. Carat weight also plays a large part in how much your diamond will be valued, with heavier stones (that are much harder to find) almost always being more valuable than lighter ones.

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