Ever since the dawn of civilization, people have been holding on to precious artifacts that mean sentimental value to them, in order to pass them down to the next generation or someone that is close to them when they pass away. And in most cases, jewelry is one of the most common items that are inherited by next-of-kin or relatives due to the fact that they hold their value long after they are produced.

If you’re reading this, you may have inherited some jewelry from your parents or a grandparent, and are wondering what you should do with it. Here are some things you can do with your inherited jewelry to make full use of them, and get the most out of them.

What to do with inherited jewelry

Wear it!

If you like the piece that you’ve inherited, go ahead and flaunt it! Inherited jewelry means so much more because of the story behind it, plus you’ll be wearing a piece of history to match your outfit for the day.

Keep it safe for the next generation

A family heirloom is a family treasure, and can be of great significance when it comes to the story of your family. Keeping it safe and away from the elements ensures that you can pass this piece of jewelry on to the next family member when the time comes, continuing the legacy of your personal family story.

Turn it into something else

If the piece of jewelry you’ve inherited isn’t exactly your style, but you still want to carry a piece of that history with you, consider using the components from that jewelry such as diamonds or materials and get a jeweler to incorporate those elements into a personalized piece for you!

Sell it to a jewelry buyer

If you’ve decided that you’re not particularly attached to the piece, you can choose to sell it to an experienced jewelry buyer who will appraise it professionally and give you the best prices according to the market value and condition it is in.

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